New report commissioned by NCAA finds a massive gender inequity in college basketball

The National Collegiate Athletic Association treats its Division I men’s basketball program better than its women’s program in virtually every respect, according to an outside review commissioned by the NCAA that was delivered Monday.

The study said gender inequities in the NCAA stem from the organization’s structure, which is “designed to maximize the value of and support to the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship as the primary source of funding for the NCAA and its membership,” while women’s basketball remains undervalued.

The NCAA announced in March it had retained the law firm Kaplan Hecker & Fink to help address gaps in gender equity in sports. The issue came to a head during the pandemic-altered 2021 Division I basketball championships, when Sedona Prince of the Oregon Ducks drew national attention with a video she posted comparing the workout amenities at the NCAA women’s basketball tournament and at the men’s tournament.

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