Montana universities eye plan for students to carry guns

By: | May 12, 2021

People could have concealed weapons on Montana’s public college campuses if they have firearms training and keep the guns holstered or locked in their rooms, with an exception for self-defense, under a policy proposed by the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education.

Under the proposal, students, faculty and others would be allowed to carry on campus if they can certify they have a concealed firearm permit in Montana, a similar permit from another state or firearms safety training. The university system is also proposing a course for those wanting to possess weapons while living in campus housing.

The policy is needed following legislation, sponsored by Republican Rep. Seth Berglee of Joliet, that expands the number of places people can carry a concealed firearm to also include bank lobbies, restaurants and bars. He said it would reduce the possibility of mass shootings by enabling people to defend themselves.

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