Impact of STEM at The University of Arizona

Impact of STEM at The University of Arizona Involvement in the Association of American Universities Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative grew into the UA Learning Initiative.

The initiative includes:

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  • Faculty Learning Communities: Groups of seven to 10 faculty members meet seven times throughout the semester to share best practices for teaching.
  • SAIL (Student Advocates for Improved Learning): A two-course experience that teaches undergraduates the science of learning and how to apply that science to their own studies. The program also prepares undergrads to serve as SAIL Fellows, who meet with small groups of students to teach them evidence-based study strategies.
  • Learning to Learn series: In-depth information about six proven learning strategies (including growth mindset, metacognition and spaced practice) presented online. Learning to Learn ambassadors—specially trained instructors from across UA’s campus—also visit classrooms to spread these strategies.  

Jennifer L.W. Fink is a Wisconsin-based writer.


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