How Athens State University Built Hybrid Classrooms From Scratch

Date of broadcast: Thu, 03/04/21

A University Business Web Seminar

COVID-19 forced schools across the U.S. to quickly adopt online learning in record time. Even though students are expected to return to campuses after the pandemic, higher education will never return to the old status quo and will continue to provide remote learning options in some form.

Many higher ed institutions have already started creating hybrid environments in anticipation to support in-class and off-campus experiences. Others like Athens State University built their own high-flex classrooms in the midst of the pandemic.

In this web seminar, Athens State’s director who innovates teaching and learning will share how he developed more than 30 classrooms to support hybrid environments in response to COVID. Participants who are seeking guidance on creating an infrastructure from scratch will learn how to transform their own traditional classrooms into fully operating hybrid environments to improve teaching and learning now and in the future after COVID-19.


David Walker
Director, Athens Teaching & Learning Innovation Services
Athens State University

Adrian Doughty
Director, North America

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