High Point University preps for in-person summer session

University will test safety procedures during in-person summer session

High Point University in North Carolina intends for students and faculty to return to classrooms and residence halls for a summer session that begins in July.

That program will allow the university to test its safety procedures.

“By resuming in-person classes during July’s Summer Session II, a time when there is a smaller population on campus, the university will be able to evaluate, enhance and maximize all safety and health plans for the fall semester,” the school says in its reopening plan.

Like many universities, High Point will start fall semester classes a week early—on Aug. 18—and continue without any breaks until Thanksgiving. Students will then return home to take final exams online.

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Administrators are putting a range of safety measures in place for the in-person summer session and promoting them with the #KeepHPUHealthy hashtag. First, all students, staff and faculty will be pre-screened for coronavirus before returning to campus.

The university is urging everyone on camps to “proudly wear your face mask in all public areas.” The university will supply students, staff and faculty with a reusable cloth face mask.

The university will place markers for appropriate physical distancing throughout campus and encourages the campus community to maintain that separation even when there aren’t visual cues.

Students, staff and faculty will ask to take their temperatures regularly and monitor for COVID-19 symptoms—particularly before visiting public areas of campus.

Administrators also want everyone on campus this summer and fall to “practice a growth mindset.”

“We realize this situation has been deeply saddening for many affected families around the world. We also realize that the changes that must be enacted to further prevent the spread of the coronavirus will cause discomfort as change always does,” the plan says. “By following these guidelines, you will help maintain the safety of your High Point University home and our campus environment.

Read High Point University’s full reopening plan here

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