Do college students want work-from-home careers?

Students of color are more open to remote work

Today’s college students expect the phrase “working from home” will play a major role in their future careers.

A survey of 2,000 undergraduates found students don’t believe the business world will ever fully return to the 40-hour office work week, according to the marketing research firm College Pulse.

Some 90% of students—across lines of race, gender and political leanings—expect that companies will allow employees to perform at least some work remotely. About two-thirds anticipate employers also offering more flexible schedules.

Around four in 10 students said that employees will continue to dress casually for work.

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More than half of the undergraduates surveyed said a hybrid remote/in-office schedule would be ideal, while students of color were more open to remote work.

Only about a quarter of Black students and a third of Hispanic students said they wanted to go to an office full-time, compared to 42% of white students.

Overall, just over a third of students want to work in an office full-time and only 8% want to be fully remote.

Students who wanted to be in an office full-time said it was simply a preference or that their career would require it.

Female students were more likely than males to say their career would require going into an office but less likely to say they wanted to go in every day.

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Matt Zalaznick
Matt Zalaznick
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