Digital learning summit at UB Tech® will address access and analytics

The upcoming UB Tech® conference, June 10-12 in Orlando, will feature a pre-conference summit hosted by ClassLink. Attendees will learn the importance of measuring ROI on digital learning and about the impact of access and analytics.

Through presentations and facilitated discussion led by ClassLink’s CEO Berj Akian and Chief Academic Officer George Perrault, attendees will explore ways in which easy access to digital resources can impact the full student life cycle—from the recruitment and application processes to retention and completion.

They’ll learn why institutions are moving toward next-generation platforms to enable access, and how ubiquitous and individualized access can lead to organizational efficiencies.

Akian and Perrault will describe the role that utilization analytics can have in informing strategic-level decisions—from investment priorities to instructional design.

This session will explore how single sign-on and analytics platforms are changing the way that institutions plan, deploy and evaluate digital learning resources.

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