Deploying an LMS in 72 Hours

Date of broadcast: Wed, 04/22/20
Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many colleges and universities have suddenly needed to move online, and are under pressure to continue to deliver high-quality teaching and learning in a remote environment. Traditionally, deploying a cloud-based LMS can require many weeks or months, which is too much time in the current crisis for any institutions requiring an implementation.

In response to these needs, cloud-based education solution provider Orbund has developed and released a new Rapid Deployment System, which is an LMS capable of full implementation in just 72 hours.

Attend this web seminar with two leaders from Orbund to learn how this system works and how any institution can use it to deploy a cloud-based LMS immediately.

Scheduled speakers:

Alex Arthur
V.P. Sales and Marketing

Paul Rutledge
Director of Business Development


Who will benefit:

Higher ed leaders interested in technology or learning management systems. Anyone may attend.

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