Dallas County Health and Human Services offering free booster shots at Dallas College

As the CDC is still debating about mixing and matching booster shots, Dallas County Health and Human Services is offering the Pfizer booster shots to anyone. They’re even going around door to door, letting people know where to get the vaccine for free, and without waiting.

“I was shocked there was no line,” said pastor William Spearman.

For Spearman, from St. James Church in McKinney, getting that booster shot of Pfizer is important to him.

“As the pastor, I have to be the example,” Spearman said.

He’s setting the example for many members of his church who remain unvaccinated.

Spearman, like dozens of others, showed up to Dallas College’s Eastfield Campus, where they’re offering the Pfizer shots.

Construction worker Julio Marquez said he decided to get his first shot of the vaccine to protect his mom and his sister.

“For everybody, no scared, it’s safe,” Marquez said.

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