Columbia University Medical Center cuts ties with Dr. Oz

In a listing for surgery faculty, Oz is listed as a 'special lecturer' and still has office phone and fax numbers, but his listing is not linked to a faculty bio.
By: | May 6, 2022

Columbia University Medical Center has cut public ties with Mehmet Oz, MD, the celebrity doctor who goes by “Dr. Oz” and is now a Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, according to The Daily Beast.

The teaching hospital has removed his personnel pages from its website. The move appears to have happened in January, the news outlet reported, after HuffPost reported that his title had been changed to “professor emeritus of surgery.”

Oz previously served in senior positions, such as vice chair of the surgery department and director of integrated medicine. Columbia removed Oz’s faculty profile and disconnected hyperlinks to the bio on several pages that mention his name from previous articles. His name also no longer appears in website searches for doctors with the school’s Irving Medical Center.

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