Card office cares: Provider perspective

What aspects of customer service do campus card offices seem to do best with—and in what areas do they struggle the most? 

“Getting it right starts with the genuine belief that the services card offices provide have a positive—and lasting—influence on a student’s experience. We see more campuses focusing on this, and the positive impact is showing. There is still a struggle with automating processes that touch more than one system or department. Providing great service to students often requires administrators to be open to evolving from the way they have always done things.” —Susan Chaffee, director of product development, CBORD†‹

“Where campuses have dedicated staff, campus card offices are really engaging with students—through the process of taking pictures for ID cards, setting up meal plans, and reviewing security and access features of the card around campus. We see some offices investing in their ID cards as tangible branding tools for the university and as a way to foster school pride. Unfortunately, due to more limited resources, some institutions miss this opportunity. The ID card becomes an afterthought.” —Ben Fromm, vice president of relationship management, Higher One

“Providing quick solutions to card-related issues is what they excel at—multitasking to rectify a situation, but also becoming a liaison for the students to different areas of campus for non-campus-card-related issues. We sometimes see them struggle with making sure student data is consistent across multiple card programs and that card information is synchronized. For example, if a card is replaced it is important that the information is updated in the access control solution or solutions on campus.” —Fred Emery, director, Heartland OneCard


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