Campus store benchmarks: Location, size and services compared

Colgate University (N.Y.)

Institution size: 2,900 students

Store location: Off campus

Square footage: 26,000

Transactions/customers during rush: 9,900

Store standouts: Living Writers events; Fashion Friday Video (video featuring new products, books and news)

LINK TO MAIN ARTICLE: Campus commerce: Bricks vs. clicks

San Diego State University

Institution size: 30,000 students

Store location: Center of campus

Square footage: 23,000

Transactions/customers during rush: 100,000

Store standouts: Gaming center; livestreaming of events, including the World Cup

Clayton State University (Ga.)

Institution size: 7,000 students

Store location: On campus (part of an administration building)

Square footage: 7,500

Transactions/customers during rush: 11,000

Store standouts: Year-round textbook counter service; booth at annual alumni weekend event and a cart at other student events

Columbus State Community College (Ohio)

Store location: On campus (part of an administration building)

Institution size: 28,000 students

Square footage: 11,000

Transactions/customers during rush: 5,000 (per day)

Store standouts: Cougar Quest Scavenger Hunt; Red, White, & Goo Slime Making Workshop

Seward County Community College (Kan.)

Store location: On campus, part of a campus center

Institution size: 2,700 students

Square footage: 2,500

Transactions/customers during rush: 3,200

Store standouts: Dunking for Donuts; flyers for store placed on all residence hall beds before students get to campus

California State University, Long Beach

Store location: Stand-alone building on campus

Institution size: 37,000 students

Square footage: 22,250

Transactions/customers during rush: 4,000 (daily, plus 1,000 web orders)

Store standouts: Bowling for Books (fundraising event for textbook scholarships); Alumni, Faculty, Staff Night

Larry Bernstein is a New Jersey-based writer who frequently covers the retail business.


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