Campus community enjoys fresh food fast at UConn

Subway delivers familiar options that students and staff can customize to their own preferences
By: | Issue: December, 2015
October 27, 2015

Students on college campuses want food choices, conveniently located that are fast and nutitious. The food court in the Student Union at the University of Connecticut, Storrs offers just that.

“Subway already has two successful locations on the UConn campus,” says David Rogers, franchisee. “When we heard there was an opportunity to fill an empty space that had great foot traffic and visibility, we jumped at the chance to expand.”

Even though the space was smaller than a traditional Subway at 850 square feet, Rogers worked with the university’s business office and his SUBWAY store designer to make it happen.

“One of the great things about Subway compared to other fast food chains is that it does not need a lot of room to operate,” says Rogers.

UConn students, professors, and campus employees appreciate that Subway offers nutritious and customizable options at reasonable prices and that they stay open year round.

With more than 50 years of experience, the Subway chain provides franchisees with ongoing support and guidance both before and after their restaurants open. In addition, the company is an environmental leader.

“I can rely on Subway’s knowledge to be successful,” says Rogers.

UConn’s basketball teams are nationally known for their success. After seeing its players coming to Subway every day, Rogers reached out to the manager of the men’s team to explore the potential for catering.

“Whenever the team has a road trip, the players write down what they want and fax us their order,” says Rogers. “We deliver it to their locker room so they can have their favorite food even when away from campus.”

This trend caught on, and requests for away game catering came in from the soccer, women’s basketball and men’s hockey teams. Once, the men’s basketball team forgot to place their order before leaving for an away game.

“I contacted the local Subway store near to where the basketball game was being played and they prepared and delivered their order to the team,” says Rogers.

Having brand-name restaurants on campus is important for maintaining a culture with happy students, Rogers notes.

“Students like the comfort of what they know,” he says. “It reminds them of home. ”

Eighty percent of the Student Union restaurant’s staff are students at the university. This gives them good work experience along with their education.

“I raise a family in this community,” says Rogers. “I am committed not just to the store but to the university and its growth, because this is my town, too.”

Having a Subway restaurant at the Student Union is about meeting students’ desires, says Rogers.

“Not only do we offer wholesome fast food at a decent price, but students can choose how they want their food.”

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