Admissions providers on recruiting internationals to community colleges

What do you see as the biggest barrier to community colleges enrolling more international students?

“Community colleges need to focus not just on recruiting international students but retaining the ones already enrolled. Understanding who these students are and proactively engaging with them creates a stronger reputation and will ultimately attract more international students to that community college.”

—Peter Bruynzeel, vice president, Millennium Software Solutions

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“Our partner National Student Clearinghouse reports that more than one-third of college students change schools at least once, yet 43 percent of credits earned are lost during the transfer. To increase community college enrollment for international–and for U.S.-based—students, we need to work together to improve the transfer student experience.”

—Robert Ruiz, vice president of strategic admissions, Liaison International

“The significant opportunity that American community colleges offer for international students remains largely uncommunicated. Overcoming this barrier requires a proactive approach to international student recruitment, including emphasizing the financial benefits, small class sizes, specialized course offerings and on-campus international support services that are designed with international students’ needs in mind.”

—Brandon Lee, CEO and co-founder, Terra Dotta

Elaina Loveland is a Washington, D.C.-area freelance writer.


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