A new way to help college students transfer: Admit them to two schools at once

Only about 8 percent of students who start out at two-year institutions pursuing bachelor's degrees have actually done so.
By: | June 29, 2022

moni Hall will move this summer from one higher education institution to another, a process that can be disruptive, complex, frustrating and fruitless when credits don’t transfer and other unanticipated obstacles crop up.

But Hall, who is 20, will barely even notice the change.

She’s among a small number of students at community colleges who have been guaranteed seats at partner four-year universities, with the idea that they’ll go on to earn the bachelor’s degrees to which the vast majority of students like Hall say they aspire.

Guaranteed and dual admissions — under which students are accepted to both two- and four-year programs at the same time — are designed to smooth their paths. They usually include additional advising that many need to help them make the leap. This simple but little-noticed innovation is designed to fix a system that has stymied the ambitions of a staggering number of students — a problem that has only been getting worse.

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