3 cloud myths to dispel

  1. Cloud security is better, or worse. “I can’t just say ‘quit being concerned about it’ because we have to stay concerned about it,’’ says Jill Albin-Hill, vice president for technology and operations at Dominican University in Chicago. “But there’s things you can do to minimize risk—making sure you’re choosing partners well and vetting them.” 

    “The myth I always like to highlight about cloud computing is when an organization tells me they can secure their environment better than a cloud vendor can,’’ says Tom Dugas, director of information security at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. 

    Large cloud providers are investing millions of dollars in security. The better way to look at it is whether cloud providers have enough standards in place to satisfy regulatory compliance, he adds.

  2. Migration is easy. At Arkansas State University-Beebe, moving to the cloud has not been easy, says Chris Lee, vice chancellor of Information Technology Services, but he calls it a good challenge. “For instance, although we no longer have to worry about an on-premise email server and all the maintenance that goes along with that setup, we have gained several different responsibilities related to [the new] tools,” he says.

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  3. There will be downtime. Disasters, accidents and unforeseen issues can always cause downtime. But with hosted services, Beebe State “has been able to move forward to a new reality that allows for mission-critical applications to have more consistent availability while staying current with product releases,” Lee says. “Staff can delegate hardware and software upgrades to vendor hosting teams.”

    Esther Shein is a Massachusetts-based writer whose focus is on technology, business and education.


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