Last Week’s Most Read Stories

JD Solomon

The college orientation season is fully underway, with some schools offering special attention to mental health, first-gen and minority students, and even parents. Read more>>

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Tom Ryan

There’s probably a giant line item in your budget for viewbooks, mailers, postcards, program info packets, posters—and there’s an even bigger line item for postage. Cut it. Read more>>

Katherine Haley

With so many abrupt presidential departures lately, the need for intentional and effective transition processes for new presidents has become imperative. Read more>>

Marylouise Fennell and Scott D. Miller

Those who don’t employ social media are missing out on ways of communicating efficiently and quickly to stakeholders. What’s not to “like”? Read more>>

JD Solomon

"Swipe-sharing" service wins national innovation award as schools eye ways to relieve food insecurity among non-traditional students. Read more>>

The Wall Street Journal

Arizona State University’s business school used a $50 million donation to bet on a future where its M.B.A. is free. Four years after slashing tuition costs for full-time students to zero, the dean says the cost is still too high for many people. Read more>>

The Atlantic

As a former college president, I am well aware that every university is a complicated ecosystem, not a linear widget factory. Read more>>

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