Last Week’s Most Read Stories

Stefanie Botelho

The importance of including current culture in college studies is undeniable as schools work to stay relevant and forward thinking. Read more>>

Melissa Ezarik

As a new academic year gets underway, faculty and academic affairs administrators must consider how to prevent cheating on exams and papers in light of the ever-evolving tactics that students use. Read more>>

JD Solomon

The college orientation season is fully underway, with some schools offering special attention to mental health, first-gen and minority students, and even parents. Read more>>

Margaret Bussiere

Learning an object’s life story can help avoid costly legal troubles—and the loss of fine art and funds. Read more>>

JD Solomon

"Swipe-sharing" service wins national innovation award as schools eye ways to relieve food insecurity among non-traditional students. Read more>>

The Conversation

The nation’s wealthiest private colleges and universities have a new expense. Read more>>

The Atlantic

Many of today’s students are living in far better-appointed accommodations than now-graying alumni did. Read more>>

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