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Melissa Ezarik

Details of the merger agreement between University of Bridgeport and Marlboro College, and on what the future may hold for students, faculty, administrators and staff. Read more>>

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Gen Z students expect their courses to be steeped in tech, so it’s critical that instructors make their content as engaging and collaborative as possible. That’s easy with the right video tools. Join this free webinar to find out what you need in a video platform to support active and micro learning in any classroom. Register now>>

Emily Ann Brown

Virtual meetups contribute to a sense of community, boost retention and create networking opportunities for online learners. Read more>>

UB Staff

Higher ed institutions are attractive hacker targets—storing a wealth of Social Security numbers, financial information and intellectual property. Read more>>

Melissa Ezarik

A quick resource guide on how careful handling of delinquent student accounts can positively impact student success. Read more>>

Melissa Ezarik

It’s a reality that advancement officers face: Many younger alumni don’t have landlines and don’t use checkbooks—meaning direct mail and phone contacts aren’t going to cut it. Read more>>

Bloomberg Businessweek

Like leg warmers and mullets, Bennington College seemed a candidate for oblivion a generation ago. Read more>>


Some students have paid interior designers $2,000 to create dorm rooms with color-coordinated rugs and ottomans. Read more>>

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