Last Week’s Most Read Stories

Terry Cowdrey

Many say it's more difficult to get into college than before—this couldn’t be further from the truth. Read more>>

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The need to create video is on every single corner of your institution. You can satisfy that need by delivering innovative technology that allows you to create video as broadly, or as focused, as you desire. In this e-book you’ll learn how to use the latest video technology and trends to transform learning campus-wide. Download now>>

Jodi Helmer

Campus police officers at Northwest Florida State College have a new tool to help keep students safe: a drone unit. Read more>>

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In this eGuide, get an in-depth analysis on: 1) how the textbook and course materials landscape is evolving; 2) ways university administrators are actively addressing shrinking sales; and 3) why institutions nationwide are rethinking their bookstore operations for the future. Download now>>

Nancy Mann Jackson

How enterprise technology and a shifting culture promote information sharing across campus. Read more>>

Stefanie Botelho

Programs launch for higher ed administrators involved in teaching students about financial aid and beyond. Read more>>

Andrew Massey

All intercollegiate athletics programs come with an inherent amount of risk, which exists despite abundant safety precautions and guidelines. Read more>>

News & Record

Shortly before the start of each new school year, High Point University gives its employees some HPU gear — things like shirts and coolers and camping chairs in purple, the school color. Read more>>

The Atlantic

The corporatization of higher education has rendered a once-indispensable part of student life irrelevant, right when it’s needed the most. Read more>>

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