Last Week’s Most Read Stories

Melissa Ezarik

EAB research points to how adult student prospects are gathering information about programs and what their key decision criteria are, with admissions recruitment takeaways for colleges and universities. Read more>>

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The newest wave of college students has arrived on campuses across the nation, and they’ve brought new dining requests with them. Here are the top trends students are seeking out in their campus dining halls and how universities can accommodate them. Read more>>

Steven Blackburn

A recent surge of higher ed chief administrator positions that involve spearheading web initiatives reveals that online learning is now mainstream. Read more>>

Ray Bendici

Here are a few marketing and admissions blog websites written by and for professionals in this area. Read more>>

Sherrie Negrea

Ideas for using impressive video display wall technology across campus. Read more>>

Julieanne Himelstein and Mark Ehlers

Much has been written about the U.S. Department of Education’s proposal to require schools conducting Title IX investigations to give the parties an opportunity to cross-examine each other during a hearing. Read more>>

USA Today

Pets help students better manage the physical symptoms of stress. Read more>>


The College Board’s move to even the playing field is another algorithmic black box. Read more>>

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