Steven Blackburn

Woodbury University and Meredith College roll out successful branding campaigns. Read more>>

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Did you know 84 percent of students want campus dining information conveyed to them through social media? Discover how your higher education institution can take advantage of social media marketing to reach Generation Z and sell more meal plans in this guide. Read more>>

Melissa Ezarik

Academic dean salary trends, workforce preparation findings and ways to improve your international admissions website. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Mark Kennedy, about to become president of University of Colorado, leverages a background in business and politics to build a premier research institution. Read more>>

Christopher Oscar Medellin

E-learning is not just a convenient option for today’s college student, it is a necessary and productive alternative to traditional classroom instruction. Read more>>

UB Staff

A UB Tech® presentation will focus on what it takes to develop a state-of-the-art makerspace that prepares students for STEM careers. Read more>>


The textbook market is already dominated by only five players, and consumer advocates worry further concentration could be bad news for students. Read more>>

Student debt is skyrocketing but loans aren’t the problem. A lack of information and support for high schoolers from state and local governments about future college costs is. Read more>>

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