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Noa Oron, UB guest columnist

For Generation Z, video is about interaction—and not only the act of staring at a screen. Even though video is becoming a primary source of academic support, using YouTube links and so on, keeping learners engaged is a challenge that’s only expected to grow, says UB guest columnist Noa Oron. Read more>>

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Student Services by Blackboard

You know Blackboard from their LMS. Did you know that for over 15 years, they have developed capabilities to help institutions grow enrollment and improve retention? Their portfolio includes strategic planning support, full-service marketing & enrollment management, and student support & retention coaching. Learn more>>

Shelly Chandler, UB guest columnist

When it comes to neurodiverse students, educators must do better, says UB guest columnist Shelly Chandler, who is a licensed mental health counselor and provost of Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida. By embracing research-based practices, rates can soar nationally for students who learn differently. Read more>>

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"With wePresent, I'm able to mirror the camera view from my cellphone. Improvement in classroom dynamic was beyond my expectations." - Shin-Chin Chen, Ph. D., Assisitant Professor St. John’s University Learn more>>


When the Koch network recently announced a new coalition focused on providing work opportunities for the formerly incarcerated, one employment sector was conspicuously absent: higher education. It’s disheartening, says Yusuf Dahl, director for innovation and entrepreneurship at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. Read more>>

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Nelnet Campus Commerce

Whether setting up a digital bookstore or providing payment plans, you’ll work with an experienced team that’s dedicated to your university, staff, and students. Read more>>

Chris Burt

The two major universities go all in on esports, elevating it to top-level status on campus; NASEF partners with Japan High School Esports Federation on international collaborative agreement. Read more>>

Emily Ann Brown

Teachers College at Columbia University convenes experts at a conference to tackle tough questions about the state of artificial intelligence in education and its implications for the future of teaching and learning. Read more>>

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The Wall Street Journal

Pass-fail grading does not provide any information about relative position and degree of excellence and is therefore useless for employment evaluation. Meritocracy built the U.S. Let’s keep it that way. Read more>>


At a time when college tuition list prices are higher than ever before, some colleges are spending more on lavish perks like lazy rivers in an effort to lure students to their campuses, often at the expense of core academic facilities like libraries. Read more>>

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