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Last Week’s Most-Read Stories

Melissa Ezarik

The past month has seen a surge in news about colleges planning mergers, ending merger talks and moving forward from closure or near-closure. Here’s an update on all that’s been happening related to higher ed mergers across the country. Read more>>

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Connecting with student borrowers while there is an opportunity to mitigate issues gives them a head start to a better financial future and it protects your school’s CDR. Our highly-trained counselors provide advice and counsel that empowers student borrowers at the pivotal time in their repayment lifecycle. Read more>>

Melissa Ezarik

A growing number of colleges are no longer requiring standardized exam scores for student applications, which officials say increases college access. Read more>>

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Shelfware is a big problem in education. Two-thirds of software licenses purchased by American schools go unused. These excess licenses cost schools millions per year, making them the largest source of waste at these institutions. Let’s look closer at the problem of shelfware – and at what schools can do about it. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

With 36 credit hours completed toward a degree and a GPA above 3.2, first-generation college students at several colleges and universities can now earn a lifetime membership in their own honor society. Read more>>

Tim Goral

With the growing popularity of medicinal marijuana and legal hemp-based products such as CBD oils and creams, colleges and universities are seeing the wisdom of preparing students for this burgeoning industry. Read more>>

Chris Burt

Here’s a roundup of the latest news on esports and higher ed. Read more>>

Also Noteworthy

The Washington Post

About one-quarter of undergraduate women say they have been victims of sexual touching or penetration without consent since starting college, according to a survey this year on sexual assault and misconduct at 33 major universities. Read more>>

Harvard Business Review

Demographic change is a constant force. College campuses are often at the forefront of the shifting composition of each generation. Read more>>

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