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Last Week’s Most-Read Stories

Steven Blackburn

Here is how orientation can help increase retention, boost student engagement and improve academic success. Read more>>

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With thousands of digital products in use at many schools, managing licenses and entitlements is both complex and risky. Schools have to ensure compliance with the terms, conditions, and restrictions associated with all products they offer while keeping their users’ PII secure. Avoid the risks with Kivuto Cloud. Read more>>

Melissa Ezarik

The past month has seen a surge in news about colleges planning mergers, ending merger talks and moving forward from closure or near-closure. Here’s an update on all that’s been happening related to higher ed mergers across the country. Read more>>

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Connecting with student borrowers while there is an opportunity to mitigate issues gives them a head start to a better financial future and it protects your school’s CDR. Our highly-trained counselors provide advice and counsel that empowers student borrowers at the pivotal time in their repayment lifecycle. Read more>>

Chris Burt

Here is a roundup of the latest news on esports and higher education. Read more>>

Kelly Walsh

Student course evaluations—we all do them, but how do we use the data? What percent of students complete the surveys? What value do faculty and administrators derive from them? Are they inherently biased? How can we get more out of this often onerous process? Read more>>

Emily Ann Brown

Teachers College at Columbia University convenes experts at a conference to tackle tough questions about the state of artificial intelligence in education and its implications for the future of teaching and learning. Read more>>

Also Noteworthy

Harvard Business Review

Is there a badge or certificate to certify skills for jobs that haven’t even been invented yet? Read more>>

Cincinnati Public Radio

This year marks 400 years since enslaved people were brought to America. Since then, conversations have continued about if African-Americans should get reparations. Read more>>

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