University uses Extron StudioStation

August 23, 2019 | Extron

High Point University is a private liberal arts institution with 5,200 students in North Carolina. Their innovative new Sales Labs, equipped with Extron StudioStation systems, help students pursuing sales majors hone their pitching skills under real-world role playing conditions. Professor Laurence J. Quinn, Chair of the Marketing Department and Director of the Professional Sales Program at HPU’s Earl N. Phillips School of Business, spearheaded creation of the Sales Labs. The Labs are furnished and decorated to look like typical business settings. The StudioStation systems record the sales sessions as MP4 video on USB sticks. Students review the videos with their instructors to correct miscues, building confidence and poise.

“Student self confidence improves dramatically after the Sales Lab role-play sessions, and it’s the AV system that makes it possible,” says Quinn. ”

The initial Sales Labs used conference cameras and PCs running teleconferencing software. Setup took too long and required AV staff assistance. Upgrading to StudioStation eliminates setup time and setup no longer requires AV staff. The instructor simply inserts a USB stick into the StudioStation remote control panel and presses Record. AV staff and instructors appreciate StudioStation because session setup is so quick and straightforward. Students appreciate the opportunity to evaluate and improve their sales presentations under conditions they will encounter in the real business world.

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