University of North Georgia’s stadium gets an upgrade

June 17, 2019
Interkal, the leading manufacturer of spectator seating in the United States, recently outfitted the University of North Georgia with 3,600 seats from the company’s VISION collection of stadium seating solutions.
Designed by Rossetti, the University of North Georgia’s Convocation Center is a $30-million multipurpose facility that serves as the focal point of campus life and the surrounding region.
Besides basketball, the 103,000-square-foot multi-purpose complex is the anchor for a multitude of events such as commencement ceremonies, concerts, and job fairs. The venue also features classrooms, labs, and physical training spaces for academic purposes.
The VISION seating offers the University of North Georgia’s arena increased flexibility, as the seats feature fold-down operation that allows them to be tucked away when the stadium changes its function. Due to the arena’s multi-use nature, the lower half of the seating is configured to be on a track instead of being cast in place to allow more freedom for ceremonies, drills, and other functions beyond sports.
The main 3,600-seat court area is noticeably refined and designed with intent. ‘Patriot Blue’ fabric panels line the arena with matching panels above the bleachers. The wood paneling gives the same warmth to the entry point that the light maple does for the court, which is also marked by a Patriot Blue stain.
The UNG Convocation Center is the center of activity in the fastest-growing region in Georgia, planned for the growth and excitement of the area.