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University Business Jobs – Pending Organization

Move to the Top of the List with SEO and PPC Campaigns

Better rankings in search results means more clicks. Targeted distribution equals more qualified response.

UB jobs combines both SEO and PPC campaigns for targeted exposure across a vast array of affiliated job sites comprised of local sites, niche job sites, aggregators, search engines, blog sites, and social networks. Our toolset, The Recruitment Campaign Manager™ automatically optimizes and appends the right keywords to each posting on UB Jobs to improve rankings on aggregator sites and search engines and distributes job postings as part of Pay-Per-Click campaigns on hundreds of relevant job sites. On average, UB Jobs experiences 3-5 times the response rate of a non-optimized job posting.

Ad-Level SEO Campaign Management Produces Higher Rankings

  • Each job posting is optimized and relevant keywords appended based on job title
  • Job postings are submitted to leading job aggregators sites and indexed by search engines
  • Posting ranking performance is continuously monitored and keywords are adjusted as needed to improve rankings

Targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ad Campaigns Increases Response Rates

  • Job postings are assigned to campaigns based on job categories and distributed to relevant paid sites
  • Performance is monitored real-time and adjustments are made based on historical data to achieve maximum response rates