Remote proctoring provider Proctorio announced that it has launched new plagiarism detection tools and partnered with Instructure to make them available in the Canvas learning management platform. Read more>>

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As institutions’ cloud spending increases, leaders will frame these investments as more than technology upgrades. Pairing new tools with redesigned processes for managing finance, human resources and other administrative services can position institutions for greater efficiency today and critical growth tomorrow. Learn more>>

Kelly Walsh

You’ve heard the term ‘digital literacy,’ but are basic literacy skills enough to equip students to thrive in today’s world? Read more>>

Melissa Nicefaro

At UB Tech® 2019, Trang Pham discussed how she designs collaborative classrooms to improve student engagement and help future teachers stay up to date on the changing landscape of technology in the classroom. Read more>>

UB Staff

Higher ed institutions are attractive hacker targets—storing a wealth of Social Security numbers, financial information and intellectual property. A 2018 Verizon report found that institutions were often pursued for such information, which can be used to commit identity theft or to gain access to research. Read more>>

Jodi Helmer

One of the office staff at the College of the Holy Cross fell victim to a phishing scam back in 2011. A scammer had sent an email warning that the staffer’s email account was running out of space and requesting the username and password for the account to fix the issue. Sharing that information put the records of 500 employees at risk. Read more>>

MIT Technology Review

Students will learn the language by ordering food or haggling with street vendors on a virtual Beijing street. Read more>>

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