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UB Product Research Consortium

About the University Business Product Research Consortium

Thank you for your interest in joining the University Business Product Research Consortium. Members of the consortium will be invited to participate in online research panels similar to focus groups. The purpose of these panels is to help companies that serve the higher education sector develop and improve their products and services. We will conduct these panels periodically during the year on a variety of topics.

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Here are answers to questions you may have about participating in these sessions.

How will the sessions be conducted?
We will conduct the sessions online via the WebEx Meeting platform, which allows for real-time video, verbal and written communication.

How many panelists will participate in a session?
Typically six to eight, but sometimes up to 12.

What will be the length of the panel sessions?
A minimum of 60 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes.

At what time of day will the panels be conducted?
Sessions may be held in the morning, the afternoon or the evening. In setting up a panel, we will poll to find a suitable date and time for all participants.

What will be expected of participants in these research panels?
In the days before the event, we will provide you with background information about the topic of the panel. This might include documents, websites or videos. We might also send you some questions to think about. During the panel, the moderator will ask questions related to the materials you reviewed. The questions will be designed to spark an engaged discussion and elicit insightful observations from all participants. In the days after the panel, we may send you 3-5 follow-up questions to be answered by email.

Will my participation in a panel be confidential?
Your participation in a research panel will not be publicized, although your identity will be known to the sponsor. Occasionally we may develop an article or white paper from a research panel, but we would not identify the participants without prior permission.

Will I receive an honorarium for my participation on a panel?
Yes; in recognition of your service and to help foster your own or your institution’s professional development goals, you will receive a $200 Amazon gift certificate as an honorarium for participating on a panel.

If I join the consortia, how likely will it be that I’ll be selected to serve on a panel?
At this point we don’t know how many panels we’ll be convening in coming months. But be assured that we value your interest, your knowledge and your time, and we look forward to enlisting your participation in our research panels.

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