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Tim Goral
The Defense Department put out a call on social media seeking university-owned or commercially managed underground urban tunnels and facilities to host research and experimentation. Officials say underground passages can aid disaster response and combat operations. Read more>>

Tim Goral
For a growing number of college students—as well as some faculty and staff—concerns about where their next meal will come from make it difficult to focus on studies or work. As food insecurity rises on campus, leaders launch programs to end it. Read more>>

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Great Advice for Parents 2019 is now available! This free e-guide helps parents and students navigate the college planning and finance process. With trusted content from personal finance site NerdWallet, this is an invaluable resource for staff, educators and advocates to share with college-bound students and families. Read more>>

Stefanie Botelho
Campus teams responsible for teaching students about financial literacy—and improving default rates—are getting support through financial wellness training and certification programs. Read more>>

Top News

Members of the University of Tennessee marching band got to be some of the first people to wear the wildly popular anti-bullying T-shirt inspired by a 4th-grade fan, who was teased for his homemade shirt. Read more>>

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Cheyney University decreases daily security alerts by using multifactor authentication (MFA) and an Ellucian executive discusses the future of data security in higher ed. Read more>>

Chicago Tribune
Elmhurst College has received two National Science Foundation grants totaling $2.75 million to help students majoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics succeed in those fields. Read more>>

The Gazette
By announcing plans to slash $20,000 from its annual sticker price next fall, Pella’s Central College is aspiring to “bring a new approach to tuition in Iowa” by infusing more clarity into the increasingly competitive college admissions game. Read more>>
About 100 first-year community college students sit around tables with labels reading “Health and Wellness,” “STEM” or “Art and Digital Media,” nervously talking to new friends. Read more>>

The Roanoke Times
The University of Virginia’s College at Wise enrolled 23 out-of-state, Appalachian students who will pay in-state tuition this fall. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

Cities are proving to be laboratories for innovative ideas about how to retool higher education to solve problems. Read more>>

The Dallas Morning News
The college year has begun anew, with students now settled in their dorm rooms, stacks of weighty books on their desks and, hopefully, the dawning realization that they have very serious choices to make about how they spend their time. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report
Simulations by researchers find that the most cost effective way to raise college education levels in America would be to increase taxpayer spending at public universities. Read more>>

Industry News

Adelphi University has named iModules as its partner for alumni engagement and online giving. Read more>>

Norb, LLC
NorbSMILE is the healthy building light for daytime illumination in company offices, the lobbies and meeting rooms of office buildings and hotels, and school and university hallways and classrooms. Read more>>

Report draws on nearly 1 billion learning interactions from 1.5 million learners to share insights on how we learn effectively. Read more>>


The Detroit News
The director of Michigan State University’s International Business Center and Center for International Business Education and Research — who also initially served on the MSU presidential search committee — has been suspended after a colleague publicly accused him of sexual misconduct. Read more>>
The University of Akron has announced it will begin strategic planning, and begin searches for faculty members and administrators, after Gary Miller begins as president on Oct. 1. Read more>>