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UB Tech
Hrabowski, president of University of Maryland, Baltimore County, will share tactics for ensuring all students can succeed. Read more>>

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Alleviate your student’s confusion and stress about finances with Financial Avenue, an online financial education platform that has offered knowledge and practical tools to more than 150,000 college and high school students, faculty, administrators, and organization members. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick
Colleges expand programs for former service members who have a hard time transitioning from the mission-oriented military to a more open, less rigid world of campus choices. Read more>>

Luis Bernardo and Jessica Pagan Aello, UB guest columnists
With growing on-campus housing demands, larger living and learning communities are being designed. These larger communities create neighborhoods within the greater campus. UB guest columnists Luis Bernardo and Jessica Pagan Aello say it is vital that the communities have a sense of identity and are easily navigable. Read more>>

Top News

Ionia Sentinel-Standard
Engineering students at Northwestern Michigan College program autonomous rovers to inspect environments underwater and in the air in-real time. Read more>>

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Deferring upgrades to older buildings adds volatility to budgets and risks student dissatisfaction. But what if you could improve your campus and enable savings? View this comprehensive infographic for more information. Read more>>

The Washington Post
The Education Department said it will cancel federal loans provided last year to students at four Art Institutes locations after revelations that officials knew the for-profit colleges were not accredited and ineligible to receive such aid. Read more>>

The Roanoke Times
As part of Virginia’s deal with Amazon, Virginia Tech, Radford University and nine other schools will get hundreds of millions of dollars from the state over the next decades to boost their number of computer science graduates. Read more>>
About a week after Cincinnati Christian University announced it is closing at the end of the year, students, parents and community leaders are already feeling the effects. Read more>>

The Texas Tribune
The move comes after the university acknowledged it under-reported the number of rapes and other crimes on campus in recent years. Texas State's president told students that the school is cooperating with the federal agency and has already made reforms. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

When Rhonda Gonzales was in college in the early '90s, the term "first-generation" wasn't part of her vocabulary. Read more>>

With $1.5 trillion in college debt weighing down the economic trajectories of young Americans, many high school students and their families are considering career pathways over traditional liberal arts education.  Read more>>

The New York Times
College coaches struggle to find athletes who can’t pay to play elite youth sports. So Amherst College administrators have reconsidered what it takes to recruit. Read more>>

Industry News

HID Global
HID Global, a provider of trusted identity solutions, announced it is collaborating with VMware to drive mass adoption of mobile access to digital and physical places by adding HID Mobile Access® for opening buildings and doors to VMware Workspace ONE. Read more>>

Inceptia announced Financial Aid Services, an Atlanta-based management consulting firm that helps colleges and universities optimize their financial aid and student business operations, will utilize Inceptia’s Verification Gateway platform to provide verification services to its clients. Read more>>

People Watch

Wyoming Public Media
The Northern Wyoming Community College District will soon begin its search for a new vice president of student affairs. Read more>>

The Baltimore Sun
The University of Maryland Board of Regents has chosen a leader from inside to steady the sprawling state system of 12 public colleges and universities following a year of public criticism and turmoil. Read more>>