The Two-Minute Briefing for Higher Ed Leaders
The Two-Minute Briefing for Higher Ed Leaders


Chris Burt

Why having proper assessments in place and having a team to lean on is so important to handling potential breaches. Read More >>

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Examining Informal Resolution of Title IX Cases for Higher Education

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The experience of JAMS neutrals can serve as an asset for higher education institutions, particularly in regards to informal resolution. Learn more in this podcast about what considerations are key for ensuring a safe and positive outcome for involved students. Learn Now >>

Chris Burt

Six companies will need to reach higher standards for customer service and provide better assistance to those who owe. Read More >>

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International students demand simplified

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Education costs continue to rise, and students these days are demanding solutions to make attending school more affordable.That was one of the upshots of Passport to Higher Education: A Global Payments Study, an independent report commissioned by Flywire. Read More >>

Chris Burt

The university has canceled classes for Monday and Tuesday after the latest incident occurred during homecoming. Read More >>



Ed Orgeron said he had a great run and has no regrets as he prepares to finish his final season as coach at LSU. Read More >>

U.S. News

A college basketball player hatched the idea after seeing a discrimination case nearly implode his own team, then wondering why it took so long to get to the facts. Read More >>

Tech Crunch

The idea for the project had its genesis in some research at the Emory University Goizueta Business School. Read More >>