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Chris Burt
A lack of opportunities during the pandemic, including internships, has left many feeling uneasy about looking for work. Those who do will turn to career centers. Read more>>

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At Transact, we recognize the importance of offering an alternative to student loans, credit cards and other methods of borrowing. Our payment plan solutions have empowered schools to help students and families, with 70% of payers seeing payment plans have significantly increased their chance of graduating with less debt. Read More >>>>

Matt Zalaznick
Emerson College makes Juneteenth a staff holiday, as more institutions officially commemorate June 18, the day that celebrates the end of slavery in the U.S. Read more>>


Bruce Schultz
We must consider how to broaden and bolster engagement so that what we offer in our classrooms is as attractive to donors as our athletics. Read more>>


The Oregonian
The initial announcement of disarming officers on PSU’s campus came about two years after university police fatally shot Jason Washington, a Black man who was reportedly attempting to break up a fight. Read more>>

This fall’s enrollment numbers will be make-or-break for many. Read more>>