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Ray Bendici
The start of the school year is bringing new twists to college dining around the country, with higher ed institutions cooking up new services and meals to keep students happy and healthy. Read more>>

Tim Goral
Are community colleges preparing students for the looming dynamic, disruptive and entrepreneurial environments ahead? Rebecca Corbin says—increasingly—they are. Corbin, president and CEO of the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship, talks with UB Senior Editor Tim Goral. Read more>>

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If you verify financial aid manually, that line could be too long because students are more likely to enroll at a school that processes their aid information quickly. The tedious paperwork of manual verification costs your staff time and it could be costing you students. Learn more about our uncomplicated approach. Read more>>

Heather Kerrigan
Valuables aren’t always permanent fixtures on a university campus. Some may be on loan from an individual or another institution. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be insured. Read more>>

Top News
Louisiana’s higher education leaders recently boosted the goals of postsecondary education in the state. Read more>>
The University of Missouri’s network of ag research centers is getting a $6.5 million boost. Read more>>

Journal & Courier
With news that Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, is negotiating a settlement in lawsuits over the opioid crisis, unaffiliated Purdue University watches for collateral damage. Read more>>

The Trump administration is officially finalizing its plan to tighten the rules governing loan forgiveness for defrauded borrowers. The new “borrower defense to repayment” policy is expected to be challenged in court. Read more>>
Harvard has divested its multibillion-dollar endowment from the tobacco industry and South Africa during apartheid. Now students ask: Why not prisons? Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

Chicago Booth-Review
Over the past several years, policy makers and economists have increasingly voiced concerns about apparent labor-market monopsonies—markets in which employers have the power to set wages—in certain industries and areas of the country. Read more>>

The Atlantic
The story of the rising cost of college in America is often told through numbers, with references to runaway tuition prices and the ever-growing pile of outstanding student debt. Read more>>

American higher education is heading in the wrong direction. At least, that’s what 61% of the country thinks, according to a recent report from the Pew Research Center. Read more>>

Industry News

The arrangement was simple – 2U would find the students, sign them up, get them in and, in exchange, take a cut of whatever tuition the student paid. Read more>>

University of Washington
Several University of Washington schools and offices will team up to research how organizational practices can affect the interagency collaboration needed to keep the “internet of things” — and institutional systems — safe and secure. Read more>>

Expansion will enable UGA to provide proactive success coaching to more than 26,000 undergraduates. Read more>>

Emory University and Duda|Paine Architects, an international design firm, recently completed the new Emory University Student Center. Read more>>

Environmental Leader
New construction at the University of Oregon’s Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact will use mass timber, a category of wood construction material that can replace steel and concrete for load-bearing functions and is considered a more sustainable option. Read more>>

Plastics News
As its manufacturing and technology center in Royalton, Vt., undergoes a $10 million expansion, the hiring sign is out again at GW Plastics Inc. for engineers and hourly workers. Read more>>