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An app developed by a team of students at University of California, Berkeley promises to address campus food insecurity through the anonymous donation of meal swipes, between those who need them and those who have swipes to share. The team behind the app, called Bear Appétit, recently won the Modo Labs 2019 national student Ideathon competition. Read more>>

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If you verify financial aid manually, that line could be too long because students are more likely to enroll at a school that processes their aid information quickly. The tedious paperwork of manual verification costs your staff time and it could be costing you students. Learn more about our uncomplicated approach. Read more>>

Best practices for delivering services and supports for online learning success include choosing the right ones and promoting them strategically. Follow these tips to boost online learner success. Read more>>

Experts address what they see as the biggest hurdle colleges face in ensuring that administrators in multiple departments are aware of student success-related data and of using such data for joint decision-making. Read more>>

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It’s the newest resident on campus, scanning the skies 24-hours a day in search of the next storm. Read more>>

The Kansas City Star
A University of Kansas associate professor was indicted on federal charges alleging he concealed he worked for a Chinese university while doing U.S. government-funded research. Read more>>
The Confucius Institute at the University of Maryland occupies a few rooms on the fourth floor of a nondescript campus building. Decorative lanterns and photos of life in China line the hallway. Read more>>

Columbia College can stop converting lounges into dorm rooms and renting off-campus apartments to house its students. The college opened its first new residence hall in more than 50 years. Read more>>

President Trump has signed a presidential memorandum that is designed to increase the number of “permanently disabled veterans” who erase their federal student loan debt. Read more>>

Longview News-Journal
The Kilgore College board of trustees is planning public hearings on a proposed tax revenue increase resulting from higher property values. Read more>>

Maryland Matters via
More than 1,200 community college students will receive Promise Scholarships this year that could eliminate their tuition costs, but a state senator is alarmed that a rocky rollout for the program could have jeopardized the attendance of students most in need. Read more>>