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Full-time employees will get 1% of their salaries times their years of service up to $15,000. The minimum bonus for full-time employees is $1,500. Part-time workers, adjunct professors and contract workers — people who work on campus for companies hired by HPU — will get smaller bonuses. Read more>>

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Cisco Meraki
Two surveys were recently conducted - one of higher education decision-makers and one of students - to better understand college students’ habits and needs regarding network use and technology and how they differ from IT perceptions. The results are eye-opening. Read more>>

Richmond Free Press
Hampton Professor David Hughes said eSports is the “newest thing” in sports management. He began taking notice of the booming popularity of eSports in which players compete using video games in front of millions of fans in person or streaming online. Read more>>
Missouri State University President Clif Smart speaks about Missouri’s new Fast Track college scholarship program for adults ages 25 and older who don’t yet have a college degree. Read more>>

The Gazette
Images from University of Iowa-owned art could start appearing on greeting cards, calendars and even T-shirts if a campus push to better market its technologies and precious works materializes. Read more>>

Bradenton Herald
Student loan forgiveness and free college have become the hallmark campaign promises for a number of Democrat presidential candidates. A panel made up of college administrators, professors and a business owner discussed the feasibility of the proposal. Read more>>

The Columbus Dispatch
Ohio State University wants to trademark the word “The” when used in conjunction with the university’s name on items marketed for sale. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Atlantic
The governor agreed to halve his proposed budget cuts. But the school system still stands to lose $70 million. Read more>>

Dallas News
As we send our kids back to school, let’s take a look at a few gadgets (and nongadgets) that will make their time in the classroom a bit easier. Read more>>

The Week
Transfers have been part of the game for ages, but until recently it was understood that anyone who changed schools would have to sit out for a year. Read more>>

Industry News
Beginning with an announcement from Apple, it’s been revealed that CBORD will become the second card system vendor to support student mobile credentials on iPhone and Apple Watch. Read more>>