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To read the headlines about college admissions, one would think it’s much more difficult to get into college now. This couldn’t be further from the truth, says Terry Cowdrey, an enrollment management consultant who is currently serving as the interim vice president of enrollment at Beloit College in Wisconsin. Read more>>

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If you verify financial aid manually, that line could be too long because students are more likely to enroll at a school that processes their aid information quickly. The tedious paperwork of manual verification costs your staff time and it could be costing you students. Learn more about our uncomplicated approach. Read more>>

As 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, James E. Samels, of The Education Alliance and the law firm Samels Associates, discusses how the life of Winston Churchill reminds us that vision and courage can triumph over seemingly impossible odds. He recently visited Westminster College in Missouri, the home of the National Churchill Museum. Read more>>

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East Idaho News
In college, where most students live without mom or dad for the first time in their lives, scammers are poised and ready to pounce. Read more>>

Crain's Cleveland Business
The quills of a hedgehog, which cushion the mammal from harm when it falls from trees, inspired researchers to create a product that could one day prevent football concussions, cushion the inner soles of running shoes and protect soldiers. Read more>>

AP via U.S. News and World Report
The University of Illinois has launched a two-year study and is offering free soil tests to home gardeners and urban farmers across the Chicago area. Read more>>
More than a quarter of the reported bias incidents in 2018 occurred at institutions of higher education, and nearly half of the identified offenders were minors. Read more>>

Crain's Chicago Business
Illinois lawmakers are considering options to address recent revelations that a college consultant and lawyers advised parents that they could change their childrens’ guardianship status in an effort to win more financial aid. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis
Harvey Mudd College, in Claremont, California, is a small school of just 889 students. The school is known for its strong science, engineering and mathematics programs, for its high-earning alumni and for being one of the most expensive schools in the country. Read more>>

Los Angeles Times
Alexander Astin says that our current system of financing higher education was the result of an idea started in the 1970s that “every able student should be able to afford college.” Read more>>

The Wall Street Journal
The new curriculum could include classes like ‘Mary Jane Eyre’ and ‘Cannibals and Cannabis’. Read more>>

Industry News

Rave Mobile Safety announced that its Rave Alert platform covers nearly half of all higher education student populations across the United States, including five of the eight Ivy League and 10 of the 14 Big Ten schools. Read more>>

Marquette University
The Marquette University Center for Peacemaking has been selected, through a Response for Proposals process, to collaborate with Milwaukee Public Schools to provide Peace Works education and therapeutic services to support students at the new MPS Success Center. Read more>>

Terra Dotta
Terra Dotta, a provider of higher education travel risk management, study abroad and international programs management solutions, announced that it has opened a new, state-of-the-art headquarters office in the East 54 complex located in Chapel Hill. Read more>>

Call for Sources

Campus business offices, from the bursar to the registrar, from IT to HR and beyond, are beginning to use artificial intelligence to improve business processes. Our article will examine how the use of AI is making these offices more efficient. Contact us>>