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Strength in buying is still possible without strength in numbers. Read more>>

Higher ed institutions focus on contemporary etiquette to ready students for the workforce. Read more>>

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CBS News
Dale Schroeder was a simple, humble man from Iowa, who ended up changing the lives of 33 people forever. Schroeder worked as a carpenter at the same company for 67 years. He grew up poor and had no wife or children of his own. Read more>>
For the second consecutive summer, Daemen college has offered half day technology camps to children ages nine through 14. The programs goal is to introduce coding to kids at a young age in hopes of them one day turning it to a career. Read more>>
Miami Dade College’s Board of Trustees has delayed picking the school’s next president, deciding to instead launch a new process to find more qualified candidates. Read more>>

Bloomberg Government
Ten student advocacy groups are teaming up to push for a reauthorization of the main federal higher education law, even as lawmakers are turning their focus to other bills. Read more>>
During the regular school year, Ty Mathis is a math and science teacher in the Alamance-Burlington School System. This summer, he’s teaching mostly middle school African-American boys at a Bridge to Medical School Camp in Graham. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis
The federal student loan program is needlessly complex, fails to offer an effective safety net for borrowers in financial difficulty, and distributes the largest benefits to borrowers who need them the least. Read more>>

Lately, an increased emphasis on financial literacy has become a focus in helping students plan for higher education. Read more>>

Industry News

Spectra Logic 
Spectra Logic announced that the University of Notre Dame’s Office of Information Technologies has deployed a Spectra BlackPearl Converged Storage System in conjunction with an existing 5-frame Spectra T950 Tape Library. Read more>>

Remote proctoring provider Proctorio announced that it has launched new plagiarism detection tools and partnered with Instructure to make them available in the Canvas learning management platform. Read more>>

Prey Inc.
Co-designed with partnered schools, Prey for Education centralizes and automates mobile device security management so that hard-pressed school IT staff can delegate and automate tasks and ease their workflow. Read more>>

The Hampshire College community is reacting after the appointment of a new president to lead the struggling campus. Read more>>

Reading Eagle
Businessman-turned-higher education leader John Loyack said his first step in that direction will be to buy a city building for a new engineering program. Read more>>