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Top News
Students enrolled at any of the 30 colleges in the Minnesota State system are about to get more financial help in the form of scholarships to educate themselves in the trades. Read more>>

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Computer Comforts, Inc.
Esports programs can play an important role for campus life, enhancing school spirit, and creating a healthy vibrant social scene. Esports have become a driving force for increasing enrollment and revenue growth. Learn how Computer Comforts can help design and furnish your next Esports arena. Read more>>

The Wall Street Journal
Many students enrolled in prison education go on to study toward a bachelor’s degree after release. Read more>>
With the stroke of a pen, Governor Tom Wolf signed into Pennsylvania law a measure aimed at making it easier to report sexual assaults on college campuses. Read more>>

The Jerusalem Post
‘The cannabis industry today is what the cyber industry was 10 years ago – Israel needs and can lead this industry, too’ – college president Prof. Itzhak Harpaz. Read more>>

AP via
The University of North Alabama is opening a new center to help students, including those from the LGBTQ community. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Hechinger Report
One proposal to boost the number of black and Latino students in elite schools is to cream the top students from every neighborhood or community, rather than admitting only the top students on a national or statewide yardstick. Read more>>

The New York Times
Saudi Arabia has quietly directed tens of millions of dollars a year to American universities from M.I.T. to Northern Kentucky. What are the nation’s rulers getting out of it? Read more>>
I interviewed an expert on college internships a few years ago who told me most college students who sought internships had a parent pushing them into it. Read more>>

Industry News

Babson College
Wildcat Venture Partners, an early stage venture capital firm, and Babson College joined forces to offer a range of classes this fall aimed at injecting a shot of real-world Silicon Valley venture know how into the classroom. Read more>>

Colorado company, GenoFAB, accelerates the development of new academic research groups by providing no-cost services valued at $2500/month. Read more>>

iModules, the higher ed fundraising and engagement provider, in partnership with State of Wow, a strategic consulting firm specializing in day of giving campaigns, will bring a comprehensive collection of fundraising tools, guidance, and support to educational institutions. Read more>>