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A federal jury has found Brendt Christensen guilty in the 2017 death of a Chinese student at the University of Illinois. Read more>>

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According to a recent survey, Gen Z students feel less prepared for the workplace than their millennial and Gen X counterparts. Learn what skills they would like to improve, their plans for lifelong learning, and how they value degrees and credentials. Read more>>
The Columbus City Council hopes to make it easier for teens and young adults to afford college. Read more>>

Center for Digital Education
The husband and wife team in the College of Education at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley are providing undergraduate and graduate courses to help teachers and professionals master educational technology. Read more>>
The North Carolina community college system has discovered hundreds of bogus electronic applications mixed in with legitimate ones, and as they try to sort them out, they are also trying to figure out why they are being targeted. Read more>>

The New York Times
The plan would forgive the student debts of nearly 45 million graduates — worth about $1.6 trillion — and eliminate tuition and fees at public four-year institutions and community colleges. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Wall Street Journal
Lest we forget, the “nonqualified” students who were admitted during the recent college-admissions scandal weren’t discovered because they were failing out of these prestigious institutions of higher learning. Read more>>

CBS News
As of early 2019, 29.5 million women in the U.S. labor force had at least a bachelor’s degree, compared with 29.3 million men. Read more>>

The Washington Post
The world, according to University of Washington professors Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West, is awash in BS. Read more>>

Industry News

Ellucian, a provider of software and services built to power higher education, announced that it has appointed Melissa King to its executive team to serve as senior vice president of strategy and operations. Read more>>

Digital Science
Digital Science is proud to announce a collaboration with Research4Life which will give all Research4Life participants access to Dimensions Plus. Read more>>

Baylor College of Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine has issued a response to the measles outbreak, calling on the public to communicate with elected officials, family and friends about the importance of vaccinations and evidence-based vaccine policies that promote public health. Read more>>