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The first professional organization for esports coaches and directors will serve all levels of competitive play, including club, high school, college and pro. Read more>>

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Inside Higher Ed’s sixth annual Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology explores how professors and campus leaders view online learning and academic technology. Get an inside look at this year's survey with IHE editor Doug Lederman. Read more>>

Julin Sharp will share how Marist’s educators successfully transitioned to online learning during her UB Tech® 2019 presentation on Wednesday, June 12, in Orlando. Read more>>

Schools need to evolve their approach to technology to accommodate generational change from millennials to Gen Zers, Kayye says. Read more>>

Top News
The University of Alabama planned to return Hugh Culverhouse Jr.’s donation and remove his name from the law school at least four days before Culverhouse called for a boycott of the school following the state’s passage of an abortion ban. Read more>>

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Attend this UB web seminar to learn how payment plans can help reduce the loan debt burden on your students, and reduce the workload for your institution’s business office. Read more>>

ABA Journal
Rashmi Goel, a tenured associate professor at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, has filed an Equal Pay Act complaint, claiming that she earns significantly less than others in her academic category. Read more>>
State residents who are Pell eligible and have a high school GPA of 3.0 can get a four-year degree from Concord University tuition-free. Read more>>

AP via CBS Philly
Most surfers know it’s best to avoid surfing near pipes that dump storm water into the ocean soon after a storm, due to the increased chance of getting sick from bacteria that enter the surf. Read more>>

Greenville Journal
Greenville Technical College is changing its academic schools to better align with programs in Greenville County Schools and the county’s target industries. Read more>>
More than 50 people have applied for the president’s job at Hampshire College, and the financially struggling school is seeking more applicants. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The EvoLLLution
Institutions are ignoring one of their biggest assets in the struggle to keep pace with a rapidly evolving workforce: the career center. Read more>>

Evening Standard
From customers modelling in ad campaigns to wearables that can aid injury recovery, students from the London College of Fashion have been plotting the high-tech future of fashion. Read more>>
It’s no secret that college students today are in a bind. To avoid the pitfalls of crushing student debt, take a look at how we got into this sticky situation, and then make some smart course corrections. Read more>>

Industry News

Hiram College
An opportunity for all educators, the conference will explore topics such as mindful technology, mobile technology, creating high-impact student experiences, and innovations in teaching and learning. Read more>>

Higher education firm RNL announced it is adding QuadWrangle’s AI-powered alumni engagement platform to its solutions for higher education fundraising. Read more>>

In another significant upgrade to the University of North Carolina’s athletic facilities, the Tar Heels are installing AstroTurf at their football stadium. Read more>>