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Linda Wanless will share how other colleges and universities can create their own engaging learning environment and build a new pedagogical approach during her presentation at UB Tech® 2019, to be held on Tuesday, June 11, in Orlando. Read more>>

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From the University of North Carolina Upstate, this toolkit helps faculty review materials for compliance: Course Accessibility Checklist, Prioritizing Captioning, and Captioning Needs Assessment Form. Read more>>

Penn State’s Kyle Bowen says experience takes priority over space as students and instructors embark on more active approaches to learning. Read more>>

One summit covered ways to address the return on investment of digital learning; a second summit looked at meeting the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Read more>>

Top News

The Herald-Dispatch
Average annual tuition among the state’s four-year public colleges for undergraduate West Virginians is increasing about $180, or 2.4%, in the upcoming academic year, according to the state Higher Education Policy Commission. Read more>>
Recently shuttered Newbury College is selling its equipment, furniture and pretty much anything else it needed to operate for decades. And everything must go. Read more>>

An Ohio jury has ordered Oberlin College to pay $11 million to a bakery which said it was libeled and wrongfully accused of racially profiling students. Read more>>

The Oklahoman
Oklahoma’s higher education leaders agree next year’s $25 million budget increase is better than a cut, but most feel it isn’t nearly enough for the state’s network of 25 colleges and universities. Read more>>

The Washington Post
Some call for expulsion of a student holding a sign with a swastika and a hateful message for Jews. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Nation
How to achieve educational diversity when race and ethnicity are off the table. Read more>>
Matthew Polamalu was spending 1.5 hours each day commuting back and forth to community college along Southern California’s congested freeways when he decided he’d had enough. Read more>>

The Business-Higher Education Forum is setting the standard for how to craft partnerships between universities and private employers that address the talent needs of the nation’s workforce, particularly those enterprises requiring digital and technological skills. Read more>>

Industry News

TEKVOX will have an expanded presence at UB Tech 2019 participating as both an exhibitor and a presenter.  Read more>>

Civitas Learning
Lorain County Community College partnered with Civitas Learning to streamline pathways to completion; boosting retention by nearly 12 percentage points, awarded degrees and certificates by 90 percent. Read more>>

As open access repositories grow in popularity, this partnership allows Turnitin to quickly crawl content and protect open access research from misuse. Read more>>

Ricoh announced RICOH Intelligent Voice Control, the result of working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that delivers intuitive voice-activated controls for Ricoh’s intelligent devices, starting with its IM Series of intelligent multifunction printers. Read more>>


Associated Press via U.S. News and World Report
The president of the U.S. Naval War College says he is stepping down. Read more>>

Meet Jerry Wallace, the new leader for the Hastings Central Community College, is coming from west Virginia. Read more>>
With less than one year on the job as Contra Costa College President Katrina Vanderwoude has been placed on administrative leave, along with interim Vice Presidents Susan Kincade and Carsbia Anderson, pending an investigation. Read more>>