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The outrage over the scam laid out by federal prosecutors has opened a new battleground in the affirmative action war. Opponents of the policy say the allegations bolster their arguments […] Read more>>

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Cisco Meraki
Cloud managed IT can help institutions keep their campuses connected and secure, while providing the power, flexibility and control to enable seamless IT management. Learn how 8 different colleges use this technology in a variety of ways to benefit students, faculty, and staff, and keep enrollment high. Read more>>

Salt Lake Tribune
Many Hmong students had no idea they were “college material.” Some said they had thought about college but no adult had ever spoken to them about it. Others fretted about […] Read more>>

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With its toxic blend of arrogance and entitlement, the college admission cheating scandal has touched a deep nerve across the country. But it represents only the most visible inequity in a higher […] Read more>>