Toward a Sustainable Future: How to Improve Administrative Effectiveness

Date of broadcast: Thu, 06/27/19

To meet some of the challenges facing higher education and ensure a sustainable business model, the leadership of Tufts University created a strategic initiative to find ways to contain costs—without making across-the-board budget cuts—and simplify and streamline business processes.

The resulting modernizing efforts have saved millions of dollars annually, improved financial transparency across the institution, and automated budgeting and financial planning processes.

Attend this web seminar to learn the key strategies Tufts is using to modernize the institution, and the crucial best practices that can help any college or university transition to a sustainable business model for the future.


Scheduled speakers:

Salvatore Tripoli
Director of Budget Services
Tufts University

Brian Cody
Sr. Budget Systems Analyst
Tufts University

Stewart Clark
Sr. Solutions Engineer
Kaufman Hall


Who will benefit:

Higher ed leaders interested in leadership or financial planning. Anyone may attend.