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Thought Leadership Ads

Greetings, and thank you for working with us on your Thought Leadership ad, which will be a Q&A interview with a senior executive at your company.

This feature will run on a full page in our magazine. Our team stands ready to work with you to write, edit and design the Thought Leadership ad. Alternatively, you may send us your own ready-to-use content for the ad.

A Thought Leadership Ad is composed of:

  1. Body copy: 425-450 words (generally written as a Q&A interview but can also be an essay or “listicle.”)
  2. Headline: 8-12 words
  3. Subhead: 10-15 words
  4. Callout: 14-18 words
  5. Hi-resolution photo: Could be of the interviewee or a product in use; no product shots, please.
  6. Company logo
  7. URL for additional information

What do we need from you if you are writing the piece?

  1. A kickoff call to discuss the project and deadlines.
  2. Components for the ad, as outlined above.

What do we need from you if we are writing the piece?

A kickoff call to provide background and direction, and discuss deadlines. 

  1. Any relevant documents or website pages that will help guide our work.
  2. Suggested interview topics or questions.
  3. Full contact information for the thought leader to be interviewed.
  4. If appropriate, assistance scheduling our interview with your thought leader.
  5. A high resolution photo of the thought leader.
  6. A high-resolution logo of your company.
  7. A URL where you want readers to go for more information.

How does the writing, review and design process work?

  1. Once we conduct the kickoff call and obtain the contact info and background materials, our writer will work with you or the thought leader directly to schedule the interview. We send the questions in advance, so the interviews typically take only 30 minutes. Even though we supply the questions in advance, we strongly prefer to conduct an actual interview, rather than receive written answers to the questions.
  2. We will provide you with a draft of the article, typically within 2-3 business days of conducting the interview.
  3. Generally this review process must be completed within 3-5 business days. Sometimes, however, we may require a shorter turn-around period for review depending on when the interview occurs relative to our production deadline.
  4. Subsequent opportunities for copy review will be very limited, so it is important that all stakeholders review the copy in this draft stage.
  5. Once approved by you, the copy will be considered final and will go into design. 
  6. We will provide you with the final design comp for a final review. Typically, these design reviews must be completed within one business day.
  7. To distinguish this feature from our editorial content, it will be designated as “Sponsored Content” in small print at the top of the page.