The lowest-paid workers in higher education are suffering the highest job losses (subscription)

By: | November 18, 2020

Colleges and universities are shedding jobs at an unprecedented rate. And some of the lowest-paid workers in higher education are bearing the brunt of the layoffs, mirroring broader trends of the most unequal recession in modern U.S. history. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact number of job losses tied to higher education. But the financial crisis gripping the sector has far-reaching implications for the people and communities relying on colleges and universities to earn a living.

Employment in higher education usually grows at the start of the fall semester. That growth stalled this year: Only about 20,000 jobs were added between August and September, compared with 180,000 in the same period last year. Employment at private colleges and universities actually fell in September after accounting for seasonal variation, reversing an apparent summer recovery.

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