The Eight Biggest Mistakes IT Practitioners Make and How to Overcome Them

Date of broadcast: Wed, 10/17/18

Educational institutions are challenged with managing their IT systems as they digitally transform their environment. With new technology trends bucking traditional approaches, research shows a general lack of confidence among IT staff and decision makers.

As budgets constrain and IT is increasingly called upon to modernize the institution, IT practitioners need to look at data-driven decision-making strategies. How do you use data to take meaningful action? How do you encourage collaboration between different stakeholders, cut across departmental silos and get ahead of issues before they plague the organization?

Attend this informative webinar where we’ll talk through some of the common pitfalls:

  • Creating friction between IT and diverse stakeholders
  • Inability to determine root cause of technology issues
  • Lack of preparation regarding incident response
  • And many others!

You’ll walk away with an understanding of the potential traps and how to avoid them. Leverage Splunk to apply IT lessons learned so that your educational institution can operate at maximum scale and deliver on your institution’s mission.

Scheduled speakers:

Ashok Sankar
Director of Solutions Strategy

Kara Gillis
Director of Product Marketing

Who will benefit: College and university technology leaders. Anyone may attend.