A fortune in the short-term: Now is the time for continuing education programs to soar

The University of North Florida partially credits its enrollment growth to its focus on continuing education programs. But are institutions' outdated financial systems ready for an Amazon-like shopping experience?

President’s corner: How Carrie Hauser spearheads the region’s workforce needs at Colorado Mountain College

Intertwined with this Colorado region's wealthy ski resort economy is Colorado Mountain College. How can President Carrie Hauser support local rural students against Aspen's exorbitant property value?

Higher ed, K12 and edtech giants join forces in next big step for micro-credentials

One recent initiative might be the most expansive as it attempts to put multiple sectors on the same page to ensure their trust and quality across K12, higher education and third-party providers. 1EdTech TrustEd aims to develop a framework of trustworthy, verifiable micro-credentials that operate across various networks with ease.

AI has given edtech a breath of fresh air. Will it last?

Despite shaky short-term forecasts, edtech is still poised for long-term growth, and AI is currently driving the buzz at edX, the popular online learning platform. Reports focused on decade-wide analysis rather than year-to-year changes reaffirm the viability of edtech: The market is expected to be near $1 trillion by the end of the decade.

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