under-resourced students

This nonprofit commits to erasing college outcome disparities by 2040

The ECMC Foundation is expanding its grantmaking capabilities with a $64 million investment, so that those of different races and ethnicities, geographies, socioeconomic statuses and ages experience similar graduation rates.

How empowering first-generation students with success coaches builds equity

Success coaches ensure first-generation students are engaged and supported, helping higher education bridge the equity gap.

‘Affirmative action made us complacent’: Leaders on their back heels get real on equity

"The higher education system is broken," said Colorado College President Song Richardson at the Department of Education's summit discussing the end of affirmative action.

Several prominent universities end legacy admissions in light of affirmative action ending

The number of Pell-eligible and first-generation students has increased by 10% or more since Johns Hopkins University stopped legacy admissions in 2013.

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