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Students are staying enrolled at decade-high rate, new report reveals

The rate of fall of 2022 freshmen returning for another year represents a decade high, according to the latest report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. 

Community college can be improved by (re)targeting this roadblock

Community colleges must recommit to reforming remedial education to ensure K12 students affected by the pandemic won't crash out of the postsecondary track, declares a new report from FutureEd.

President’s corner: President Elizabeth Davis crunches the numbers on new molds of student support

In the business of running a liberal arts school like Furman University, the most cherished metric to study success is student satisfaction. For President Elizabeth Davis, the key is a strategic plan agile enough to adjust to student interest and leveraging a dedicated team ready to adapt to new needs. 

Leaders, students are on different pages when it comes to supporting degree completion

Anthology's latest research paints a telling picture of where communication streams are mixed on what it takes to support students on their way to a degree.

Mentorship will level the playing field for underserved learners

A faculty mentor who encourages a student's goals and dreams is the single most crucial factor for personal and professional success. The research shows it—and so does the trajectory of my life.

This community college startup may be the prototype for student success

Campus is a hybrid community college attempting to reimagine affordability and student support and double the typical completion rates for community college students, all the while ensuring its staff is working at a competitive wage. 

Student affairs leaders get real on counseling after COVID

In a panel hosted by TimelyCare, two student affairs leaders explain how they remain invigorated to help students despite the professional and logistical challenges that higher education has faced in the last three years. 

Here are 2 areas where your first-generation students need more attention

First-generation students are prone to fall behind in higher education and beyond, prompting colleges, universities and related organizations to recognize their struggles and alleviate them.

How empowering first-generation students with success coaches builds equity

Success coaches ensure first-generation students are engaged and supported, helping higher education bridge the equity gap.

Metrics and misconceptions: Why measuring outputs in higher education isn’t enough

It’s time for institutions and researchers to prioritize a more holistic system of assessing and improving student outcomes, rather than relying solely on surface-level metrics like outputs.

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