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Oklahoma Wesleyan University streamlines and modernizes payments process

Seeking to modernize and streamline business operations, the leadership of OKWU has taken steps to improve the university’s payments and reconciliation processes by using ACI.

Jackson College transforms inventory process with new asset management platform

The Michigan college is using Asset Panda to track and organize nearly 20,000 assets, providing a wealth of insights and organization the college didn't have before.

How innovative institutions are thriving through digital transformation and consolidation

Amidst an increasingly challenging higher education landscape, some leading institutions are finding ways not only to survive, but thrive, through strategic innovation and digital...

Bringing Modern Finance & Financial Agility to Higher Education Institutions

Drexel University staff reconcile about 400 balance sheet accounts each year, and last year completed 24% more reconciliations after implementing BlackLine. Sponsored content by BlackLine.

Texas A&M leverages AI chatbot to engage students

In an effort to encourage students to visit and engage with the resources and tools on their career center website, Texas A&M staff implemented an AI-powered chatbot. Sponsored content by Ivy.ai.

FSU leverages technology to maximize student experience and response to COVID-19

In this case study, Florida State University advances its goal of using data to ensure meaningful and impactful student experiences by partnering with Microsoft. An accompanying Q&A discusses how the pandemic has accelerated the need for first-tier remote learning options for higher ed. Sponsored content by Microsoft.

Two-way interface keeps financial aid office and bookstore on the same page

Bucks County Community College has streamlined once-beleaguered financial aid review processes by adopting a two-way interface that now connects the financial aid office and the Follett-operated school bookstore to help students with purchasing their textbooks. Sponsored content by Trimdata.

Streamlining the campus parking experience

In this case study, UT Dallas chooses Park Assist’s patented M4 camera-based, smart-sensing parking guidance system (PGS).

Cloud-based app virtualization helps students ‘win’ at college and at life

With Xi Frame, Creighton University students who log in can see an app’s user interface in a web browser that is accessible from any device—without having to install anything on a personal computer or tablet. Sponsored content by Nutanix.

Improving quality and access to university policies through a public-facing web portal

Trinity University recently implemented Zavanta software by COMPROSE which has made all policies centralized and always up to date. Sponsored content by COMPROSE.

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